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At FIVE19, we believe a large amount of effort and thought should be involved in getting to know our clients. We pride ourselves on our passion and capability in providing innovative creative solutions and strategies, but we believe it is our deep commitment to truly understanding your organization that makes our services special.

Before we begin working, we want to learn all about you, your organization, company culture and brand personality. From senior living organizations to small independent businesses and everything in between, our agency is dedicated to delivering clever, comprehensive solutions tailored to suit your specific goals and challenges, whether large or small. And we are confident that our unique approach, combined with our experience, talent, and commitment, is what enables us to do so.


Because getting to know you, your people and your stories is how we achieve shared goals together — and we believe it is a greater way to success. Because being deeply involved allows us to create truly strategic well-positioned solutions to your business challenges. Because it leads to brand development, advertising, sales communications and marketing strategies that are creatively elevated, truly targeted, and smart enough to outperform for you.

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    How to Define Your Brand’s Identity

    Whether you’re a small start-up or an established organization, you’ve watched another competitor—get up and running quicker, and face challenges with greater stability. While every organization struggles building their business at some point, you can usually find a theme throughout most successful brands: a strong identity.Just as a homebuyer wouldn’t choose a home without trust in its foundation, people look for the same in brands before they hand over their loyalty. Think of yourself as an ar...

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    To Niche or Not to Niche?

    Marketing agencies typically focus on one type and size of client, but is that always beneficial to the business? As Owner & Chief Creative Director, I have been a part of FIVE19’s journey into our strongest vertical, senior living, but have often wondered if we should focus only on that industry or continue working and building relationships with other types of businesses.A long time ago in a small West Virginia town, I laid the foundations for a career steeped in creativity. Almost every w...

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    The Power of Synergy

    When you and your team are working harmoniously together on a project with a common goal in mind, a certain kind of flow can occur, almost a chemical reaction - pleasurable and exciting. Suddenly, the combined energy of the group is much greater than the sum of your individual energies. You feel it and it is exhilarating and highly productive in both a quantitative and qualitative sense.That feeling is synergy.

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    Your Website - is it You?

    When we want information on a product or service, we almost always start by researching an organization’s website. Your website is a reflection of your business, available for the entire world to view, potentially by thousands. Does it accurately and clearly reflect your brand identity, culture and the services you provide?Here are a few things to consider when evaluating the effectiveness and authenticity of your site:User ExperienceThe experience a prospect or client has navigating your websit...

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