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At FIVE19, we believe a large amount of effort and thought should be involved in getting to know our clients. We pride ourselves on our passion and capability in providing innovative creative solutions and strategies, but we believe it is our deep commitment to truly understanding your organization that makes our services special.

Before we begin working, we want to learn all about you, your organization, company culture and brand personality. From senior living organizations to small independent businesses and everything in between, our agency is dedicated to delivering clever, comprehensive solutions tailored to suit your specific goals and challenges, whether large or small. And we are confident that our unique approach, combined with our experience, talent, and commitment, is what enables us to do so.


Because getting to know you, your people and your stories is how we achieve shared goals together — and we believe it is a greater way to success. Because being deeply involved allows us to create truly strategic well-positioned solutions to your business challenges. Because it leads to brand development, advertising, sales communications and marketing strategies that are creatively elevated, truly targeted, and smart enough to outperform for you.

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    The Importance of a Professional Brand Identity: Dark Room Metaphor

    Before we delve into the 4 scenarios that represent the different levels of participation as it relates to your professional brand on LinkedIn, consider the following:Who is your desired audience and what goals are you looking to achieve? Are you looking to attract:new employment opportunities?experts within your industry that can offer you growth and education opportunities?contacts/vendors that can offer services to your organization?What strengths, skills, and accomplishments do you offer tha...

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    The Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy & Calendar

    Today, consumers expect educational, relevant content in promotional media and materials. Websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other tactics of the most successful companies satisfy this need to their customers and prospects. This content is sought out and appreciated as it models a more client-centered approach.It’s a lot of work to provide high quality marketing content, especially on a continuing basis. But, there are a lot of reasons for you to invest the time, effort and ...

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    Lifelong Learning

    “I’m still learning…” Michelangelo at age 87What’s important about education? Once you are out of school and into your career- does it make sense to continue on a path of learning? Absolutely. Many studies over time have shown positive correlations between education and income throughout life.

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    Using Technology to Reach Seniors

    There is a belief system in place that seniors don’t like or use technology such as smartphones, laptops, or social media. But recent research shows that’s not the case anymore. While the over-fifty population may have been slow in adopting tech, usage is now right up there with the rest of the population.An AARP survey of 1,520 adults, aged fifty or older, showed that more than 90% of participants own a computer.

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