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    Creativity generates change and innovation, and as such, is foundational to growth and success. Yet creative thinking is a strategy that many in the business world think of as a process that is solely in the lexicon of ‘creatives,’ such as graphic designers, architects or art directors.Often the main focus of running a business is the product or service and how to sell it. However, designing creative solutions is vital to building a strong brand and extends to problem solving and identifying new...

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    What is Content Marketing and Why Is It Important?

    We have all heard the term content marketing, but what exactly is it and why is it important?Content marketing is a strategic process involving the creation and distribution of engaging, relevant and educational content to your clients and prospects. Understanding the meaning of content marketing and successfully implementing a strategy are two different things. Here are three things to keep in mind when launching a content marketing strategy.Identify Your Key AudienceKnowing who you are writing...

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    The Importance of Mission, Vision & Value

    Every entrepreneur who has ever launched a new company has been on a mission to fulfill a vision. The mission and vision might be to sell the most brilliant widget ever produced and make the world a better place, or to provide a new service that millions of people will find they can’t live without.

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    The Importance of a Work/Life Balance

    In the days of Yahoo, Google, Vipshop, Viber, Alphabet and Baidu, people tend to feel that company names are trivial, whimsical and usually, meaningless.

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    How to Choose the Right Agency

    Picking an agency is the beginning of a long term strategic partnership that will affect your bottom line for years and become an extension of your team. To be the right match, thought, preparation, time and energy need to go into the process.

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    Quick Ways to Personalize Automated Marketing Content

    Marketing automation is taking over the content marketing platform, as more and more companies and agencies adopt the practice to save time and money and deliver relevant, engaging content to a target audience in a timely manner. What is marketing automation?

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