What Does it Mean to Be a Partner

What Does it Mean to Be a Partner

As a strategic branding firm, we are specialists to help you build and communicate your story. From a procurement perspective, we may fall into the category of “vendor,” an outside firm offering a service. But unlike traditional vendors — such as, say, a paper supplier or a benefits administrator — our services are not transactional. There’s no online order form where you can input a few data points and have it spit out a brand identity.

For us to do our work, we take a long-term relationship approach, where we are with you in the trenches of your business. We think of you as our creative partners. The word “partner” gets thrown out a lot in business, but what this means to us, simply, is that we are with you. Our approach is centered around your success.

Here are our four guidelines we use to serve as creative business partners:

1. We find out what’s strategically most important for you and your business.

Our first step is to understand what’s most important to you. This is not just about business goals. It’s about what matters to you in how your brand is conceived, consumed and experienced. For example, if a senior living community comes to us and says they want to boost their occupancy, we’ll dig into the business to find out what else matters. Perhaps they want the world to understand they offer tremendous service. Our job is to understand your desires about what you want the world to know, and then to tailor our work to realize those results.

2. We learn about your business (and meet your people).

To go from objectives to reality, we start by immersing ourselves in your culture. We are experts in marketing, but to leverage that expertise, we want to get to know all aspects of your business. This means boots-on-the-ground site visits. It means getting to know your team — not just the people we will be working with, but also the dining, maintenance and human resources staff. By understanding how your business feels on the inside, we will be better positioned to communicate the heart of what makes you unique.

3. We build the right “flex team” for every client.

Creative branding requires a number of hats, from strategy and design to copy and video. We are well connected in the creative community in Central Virginia and beyond, and we assemble the right team with the right skillsets to meet your needs. One thing we do particularly well is build metrics for success. We firmly believe that your success is our success, and we’re here to make an impact on your bottom line. To do that, our team looks at not only the creative side of what we do, but also the impact our work is making.

At the end of the day, we’re in a people business — the people on our team doing the work, the people on your team we’re working with, and the people we’re trying to reach with our messaging. Our promise is that as your business partner, we’re in the trenches with you every day, doing what we do so that we can make you more successful.