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At FIVE19, we believe a large amount of effort and thought should be involved in getting to know our clients. We pride ourselves on our passion and capability in providing innovative creative solutions and strategies, but we believe it is our deep commitment to truly understanding your organization that makes our services special.

Before we begin working, we want to learn all about you, your organization, company culture and brand personality. From senior living organizations to small independent businesses and everything in between, our agency is dedicated to delivering clever, comprehensive solutions tailored to suit your specific goals and challenges, whether large or small. And we are confident that our unique approach, combined with our experience, talent, and commitment, is what enables us to do so.


Because getting to know you, your people and your stories is how we achieve shared goals together — and we believe it is a greater way to success. Because being deeply involved allows us to create truly strategic well-positioned solutions to your business challenges. Because it leads to brand development, advertising, sales communications and marketing strategies that are creatively elevated, truly targeted, and smart enough to outperform for you.

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    The Power of Self Promotion on Social Media

    Hitting the right note of self-promotion means finding a balance between showing off your agency’s work without being repetitive, obvious, or too ostentatious: think engaging, not gloating. It also requires adapting to the social media channel you’re sharing on, from inspirational professional text posts on LinkedIn to pithy Tweets linking to your client’s new site or redesign. The goal, as always, is to reach your community, build your base, and share your excellent work with them.

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    COVID-19 and Beyond: Trends in the Senior Living Industry

    It may feel like years but just a few months back, blogs and articles were trumpeting exciting times ahead for the senior living industry. Active baby boomers would be redefining the whole concept of aging. Smart technology would offer security for residents and valuable data for their healthcare providers.

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    10 Tips for Maximizing Productivity and Minimizing Stress While Working from Home

    Figuring out your work-from-home routine can feel like a part-time job itself.  There are distractions — from frequent trips to the kitchen to kids bouncing around — and with no physical space to enter or leave, the lines between work and life begin to blend together, making it tempting to keep working long after the day should be over.  Regaining focus and productivity is mostly a matter of setting boundaries, but it also means minimizing stress as you adapt to a new work ...

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    How Senior Living Communities Can Connect with Residents During Quarantine

    If you’d asked someone in February to describe the worst-possible philosophy for a senior living community, they might have said “social distancing.” What could be more damaging than physically separating people who get joy and fulfillment from everyday interactions?The answer, it turns out, is COVID-19, which has upended so many good practices in senior living communities. Communal dinners, group yoga, dance classes, and even the consoling squeeze of a resident’s hand ar...

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