3 Ways to Get More out of Direct Mail

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November 21, 2023

Reaching the right target audience is a key component of any successful marketing campaign. After all, even the best promotional ad, flier or email will prove futile if it’s never put in front of the right audience. To achieve the best marketing outcomes for your senior living community, it’s vital that you understand your target audience and the best way to reach them.

According to the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail is the best way to reach your customers. Its latest study shows the response rate for direct mail is 5%, compared to just 0.6% for email campaigns. That’s not all. Direct mail campaigns can also result in more conversions, with an average conversion rate of 29% compared to just 1% for email strategies.  

The benefits of direct mail strategies are even more pronounced for senior living communities. This article explains why direct mail is so effective and how to maximize its use.

Why Is Direct Mail so Effective for Senior Living Communities?

While studies show that direct mail produces better outcomes, there are a few reasons why this strategy works especially well for senior living communities, including:

  • Personalization. Purchasing a list of age- and income-qualified prospects lets you speak directly to your target audience through direct mail.
  • Lack of tech skills. Not all seniors are tech-savvy. This can make it difficult to reach your target audience with digital marketing techniques only. Using direct mail advertising allows you to reach more prospects.
  • Longer life span: With email marketing, you have one chance to entice the prospect to view your ad. A mailer, on the other hand, can sit around for several days and allow the prospect to review the details of the flier over and over.

3 Ways to Get More Out of Direct Mail

As effective as direct mail marketing is, taking a one-pronged approach can limit your campaign’s potential. To make the most of your marketing strategies, it’s best to take a multi-channel approach that allows you to reach your customers, whether at home or online.

Below is a look at three marketing tools that can complement your direct mail campaign to drive even higher results.

1. Build Your Prospect List Email Appends

Although email campaigns have a lower conversion rate than direct mail, they can still be a great way to connect with prospective customers. Additionally, email promotions are very affordable and allow you to reach a large audience in a short period of time.

The trick to managing an effective email campaign is to have an accurate and updated email list that targets your ideal customers. Working with your data partner to purchase an append email list can help you achieve these results. This step allows you to reach your target audience in both inboxes, increasing your chances of conversion. Additionally, you should always give prospects a way to stay connected. Send them to a form on your website for more information or to RSVP to an event, and ask for their email address so you can communicate with them in multiple ways and nurture that lead moving forward. By actively engaging prospects you can build your email list and continue to stay top of mind.

2. Invest in Retargeted Display Ads

When prospects land on your page, they’re typically trying to learn more about your offerings. In the case of senior living communities, visitors to your site may be just starting to explore their options, ready to make a final decision or somewhere along the buyer’s journey. No matter what stage of the customer journey the prospect is at, your goal is always to make a conversion.

Unfortunately, you have very little time to make this happen. Research shows that the average time consumers spend on one webpage is only 54 seconds, and the average bounce rate can be as high as 55%. If you can’t grab the prospect’s attention the first time, don’t give up. Not to mention, searching for a senior living community can be an overwhelming task, and there are a lot of options. With all of the information your prospects are seeing, you want to stay in front of them consistently so you don't become forgettable, or just another number. Retargeting is a great way to remain top of mind after a prospect has left your site.

Retargeted display ads offer a second chance by targeting prospects who have already connected with your site. The right retargeted display ads strategy allows you to reconnect with these prospects and earn a second chance to complete the conversion.

3. Utilized Targeted Social Media Ads

Studies show that 45% of seniors aged 65 and older have at least one social media account, and this rate is significantly higher with younger populations. So, whether you’re targeting seniors or their loved ones, social media can be a great marketing tool.

To make the most of this marketing strategy, it’s critical to make sure that the right audience is seeing your ads. Purchasing a prospect list that includes mobile advertising identifiers (MAID) ensures your social media ads reach the right audience. And again, it's all about staying visible—Studies show that 89% of advertising is forgotten altogether, so your biggest competition is not another community, but being forgotten! 

An omnichannel marketing campaign is crucial to not just attracting the right prospects, but staying present when others are forgotten.

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