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July 12, 2017

The ever-evolving world of technology is always providing us with new ways to stay productive and organized. Many day-to-day processes and challenges can be streamlined and solved by discovering a more automated solution. Take a look at some of the websites and apps that we swear by to stay on track.


When it comes to project management and organization, Basecamp is our greatest ally. Each team member creates a unique user profile that joins a company page. Once team profiles are set up, you can then create folders organized by client or project, and assign “to-dos” within those projects to manage responsibilities and deadlines. There is also a “client-side” where client communication and project approval can be integrated — the client can only see what you choose to share with them. One of the highlights of Basecamp is the ability to track the history of any given project by viewing project activity, productivity reports and communication flow organization-wide. That definitely beats the hassle of searching through those dreaded email lists. Learn how Basecamp can keep your projects on track here.


Next to Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, bringing in 700 million users each month. Integrating Instagram into your client’s social media strategy boosts brand awareness by providing a resource for visual content and targeted messaging. However, planning for Instagram posts requires a different approach than one you would take with Facebook or Twitter. With Planoly, you can drag and drop images into the app to organize the perfect order of content you want to create. This allows a strategic approach to the flow of visual content, messaging and brand voice. Additionally, Planoly tracks analytics for posts and followers, providing the opportunity for strategy adjustments to better communicate with your audience and attract followers to your content. Find out how Planoly can strengthen your social media strategy here.


Dropbox has long been the go-to service for sharing large files regardless of email attachment limits, but this powerhouse service offers more than that. With cloud-based storage and sharing capabilities that integrate seamlessly and sync across devices, safely sharing files is a snap, even if the recipient does not have an account. With robust administrator management tools, the service provides a centralized, secure space outside of the server for collaborating and sharing both internally and externally, whether in the office or on your mobile phone. We find it to be an invaluable tool for effortlessly sharing project files with clients while maintaining organized file management. Learn how Drobox can solve your storage and sharing needs here.


Did you know that the robust Adobe Creative Cloud Suite includes a full catalog of apps for mobile or tablet? One of our favorites is the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app. When we are in the field collecting content for the FIVE19 Facebook or Instagram pages, Lightroom is the perfect app to bring powerful photo editing right into our hands. While there are plenty of other capable photo-editing apps available on the market, utilizing the Lightroom app provides seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud mobile and desktop apps across devices, allowing for on-the-go editing and organization that can be continued from the desktop if desired – or posted directly from the mobile app. Learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps here.


In the age of social media; Hootsuite is the answer to keeping on top of multiple accounts. With Hootsuite, you can manage all social media profiles from one centralized location, as well as schedule social content and posts across platforms. With real-time analytics, it provides targeted insight on trends and performance. Additionally, it allows you to view and manage all messages and mentions, providing the ability to stay on track of your organization’s online reputation and presence. No Twitter scandals here! Learn more about how Hootsuite can streamline your social media activity here.

In this increasingly busy day and age, it’s imperative to utilize any asset that helps manage time and resources – allowing you more time to devote to your company and clients. Let us know your essential apps; we’re always on the lookout for resources to efficiently manage tasks and increase true productivity.

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