To Niche or Not to Niche?

Derek Machado
Posted On
July 30, 2018

Marketing agencies typically focus on one type and size of client, but is that always beneficial to the business? As Owner & Chief Creative Director, I have been a part of FIVE19’s journey into our strongest vertical, senior living, but have often wondered if we should focus only on that industry or continue working and building relationships with other types of businesses.

A long time ago in a small West Virginia town, I laid the foundations for a career steeped in creativity. Almost every waking moment that wasn’t spent at football or baseball practice you could find me at an art board or an Apple in the Franklin Arts Center. I had visions of designing for Nike, or the next amazing CD cover. I always knew I wanted to own a firm one day, but never did I think our firm would have such a heavy focus on senior living.

In 2009, just 2 years after opening, FIVE19 began the journey into senior living and we have found ourselves deeply entrenched in this very special vertical. As a Creative Director, I love variety, it inspires and challenges our entire team. However, as a business owner I embrace expertise. And therein lies the rub. Is our agency better off specializing in one vertical, or do we better serve our clients by staying on top of trends and strategies in multiple industries?

Our choice is to continue building our expertise within our deepest vertical, by learning, networking and building relationships with symbiotic partners and associates. Additionally, I am committed to growing our business outside of senior living, simply because I believe it keeps our teams approach fresh and avant-garde. Our ultimate goal is to be able to push all of our clients creatively and strategically. So, at the end of the day, I guess you could say we do have a niche, and it’s doing great work.

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