Brandermill Woods completely rethink your to-do list

Brandermill Woods was on the verge of completing their 100 million dollar expansion project and just finished a highly successful, groundbreaking Broadway musical campaign. As they were moving into the final phases of construction and working to secure deposits for available inventory, Brandermill Woods needed a campaign that spoke to the entire brand, new and existing parts of the community.

FIVE19 created another musically driven campaign focusing on the theme “The 7 Day Weekend,” and letting go of the responsibilities traditional home ownership and embracing what Brandermill Woods has to offer. Our team was the creative engine behind the country music themed song, foregoing the burden of tradition and enjoying the perks of having everyday tasks taken care of for you.

The Results

“The 7 Day Weekend” increased call volume and Brandermill Woods was at 80% occupancy by the opening of the new expansion. In addition, download requests for “The 7 Day Weekend” were frequent.

Project Deliverables

Television + Original Score + Print Advertising + Media Planning + Media Buying