Brandermill Woods


One year into the expansion process of Brandermill Woods, our client was faced with an increasingly competitive market and needed to move attention to current construction efforts as well as being the senior living provider of choice on the southside of Richmond. Additionally, being located near an aging residential neighborhood, our challenge was to convince nearby prospects that Brandermill Woods wasn’t something that they should wait on. Based on feedback from newest residents, the recurring topic of conversation was a consistent feeling of regret that they didn’t make the decision earlier.

In 2014, FIVE19 exploded Brandermill Woods into the market with song and dance, hiring local composers and songwriters and bringing our musical concept to life with 27 Broadway dancers. Through original score, FIVE19 transformed Brandermill Woods through TV, print and media.

Web traffic increased from just over 1,000 visitors per month to exceeding 4,500 in the first few months of launch.


Television + Original Score + Print Advertising + Media Planning + Media Buying