Thorough and thoughtful, with a side of finesse.

Analytical and innovative, Julie is driven to understand every angle of a challenge and its potential solutions, and enjoys a lively strategy session where a left-field suggestion could be the unexpected perfect answer. Originally hailing from California, she received her BFA in art and graphic design from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, after spending six years in the US Navy. Her time in the military taught her to remain calm under pressure and to respond to challenges with a flexible nature and decisive actions.

After working as a designer in Norfolk, in a broad variety of industries, she moved to Richmond to join the marketing team as creative manager at Ellwood Thompson’s. There she helped manage the brand identity, creative strategy and design direction for high-impact advertising and marketing campaigns, while leading a small creative team in the design and production of in-store signage, marketing collateral and everything in-between. She has found Richmond to be a great fit for her and considers the East Coast to be “home” now.

Along the way she has also done stints as a freelance graphic designer and art director at a local agency. As Senior Art Director at FIVE19 she uses her experience to help evolve brands and create compelling campaigns that deliver targeted results to our clients.