“Outrunning deadlines with aplomb”

Managing client projects can be like juggling while walking across a tightrope, but Laura Ashley makes it look easy. Because our clients are all managing their own high wire acts, she strives to be as concise and efficient as possible, whether she is moving client projects along or working to stay ahead of deadlines.

Born in England, raised in South Carolina and a graduate of Radford University with a degree in Media Studies, Laura has been working in Richmond since 2004, where she started her career working on automotive classifieds for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. After stints at Richmond Magazine and WTVR, she joined FIVE19 in August 2022.

When she is not juggling client projects, she loves listening to ’80s music, spending time with family, baking chocolate chip cookies, and managing a house that includes a partner, a daughter, two dogs, two cats, two birds and a ball python. (Eek!)