Solving puzzles with both sides of her brain.

Molly has spent over a decade helping to conceptualize, develop, and launch marketing strategies that drive long-term results. A firm believer that decisions should be made with “both sides of the brain,” Molly takes an analytical, strategic approach that is fueled by creativity. She brings a curious mind, an active imagination, and creative drive to her role as FIVE19’s Director of Marketing.

Originally from Boston, Molly grew up in Northern Virginia and attended Radford University. She moved to Richmond in 2016. In July 2022 she joined FIVE19, where she works with clients to develop killer marketing strategies guided by a winning combination of data-driven analysis, imagination, and heart.

In this role, she is constantly fitting puzzle pieces together, finding the optimal strategy perfect for each unique client. When she is not solving client challenges, you might find her nurturing her creativity through travel, reading, crafting, or baking.