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    The Power of Synergy

    When you and your team are working harmoniously together on a project with a common goal in mind, a certain kind of flow can occur, almost a chemical reaction - pleasurable and exciting. Suddenly, the combined energy of the group is much greater than the sum of your individual energies. You feel it and it is exhilarating and highly productive in both a quantitative and qualitative sense.That feeling is synergy.

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    Your Website - is it You?

    When we want information on a product or service, we almost always start by researching an organization’s website. Your website is a reflection of your business, available for the entire world to view, potentially by thousands. Does it accurately and clearly reflect your brand identity, culture and the services you provide?Here are a few things to consider when evaluating the effectiveness and authenticity of your site:User ExperienceThe experience a prospect or client has navigating your websit...

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    The Changing Demographics of Senior Living

    When you think of senior living communities, you may picture the stereotypical nursing homes with the elderly in hospital beds and drab dayrooms where residents watch TV.However, senior living is a much more vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle than ever before. Seniors are moving into retirement living communities earlier in age and enjoying the abundance of amenities and offerings that most provide, in an environment surrounded by active friends with similar interests.As in other verticals, provid...

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    What's New at FIVE19 - Stay Informed

    Last month, we launched a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening at FIVE19! From annual meetings to photo shoots to recommended content, the team wants to keep you in the know.We are always open to new ideas, so if you have a topic you would like to learn more about, let us know!Don’t miss out on agency and industry news, subscribe now.

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    Automation - A Marathon, Not a Sprint

    One of the most common misconceptions surrounding marketing automation is that once it’s setup, it begins working instantly and there’s nothing more to be done. However, marketing automation is like any other machine, it requires maintenance, monitoring and adjustments. In fact, it’s a marathon of sorts.Here are three things to focus on to ensure your journeys are on the path to success.Marketing Automation can’t be in a silo on its own, but part of a bigger campaign.Often times, businesses new ...

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    Marketing as an Investment

    As marketers in senior living, it’s easy for us to understand the importance of investing in branding and marketing, knowing what each vacancy costs the community as well as the annual and average lifetime value of each resident. A common roadblock our clients face is leadership not placing value in marketing, viewing it as an expensive and sometimes unnecessary line item.Recently, a senior living client requested statistical data in an effort to build a marketing budget with their leadership te...

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